The News

Reverend Al Sharpton and members of the National Action Network (NAN) Group continue to work on the case of  Pastor Onslow Ross. NAN will be meeting with Michael Moore with an agenda to ask him to investigate CB&T's role/conduct, wherein they took funds from the church and caused Pastor Onslow Ross to go to prison (TIME WITH NO CRIME) for the crimes they  committed.

The Facts

  • Two bullying banks perpetrated fraud by misrepresenting fact about their rights to insurance proceeds

  • Proceeds received by Reaching Souls Cathedral for damages to the church's roof confiscated

  • Reaching Souls owned the damaged property free and clear and lawfully used their claim money to obtain a loan to pay off another church property that was held by CB&T Bank

  • CB&T Bank misrepresented themselves when they alleged rights to the church's insurance proceeds

  • CB&T filed a demand letter to Security Bank and a civil suit to obtain insurance proceeds

  • CB&T fraudulently attempted to foreclose on Reaching Souls despite the face that the church never defaulted on payments

  • CB&T received payment from Security Bank under fraudulent pretense

  • Onslow Ross' federal prosecution was colored by the misrepresentation by CB&T and Security Banks

  • Security Bank, now defunct is being sued by FDIC in Federal Court for mismanagement of funds and other misconduct

                                                                                   Pastor Onslow D. Ross Favored and forgiven

Ask anybody! Pastor Onslow D. Ross has been away from Reaching Souls Cathedral of Praise for almost eight years and his members still remain faithful to God and their pastor. Not only should you ask anybody, drive down Rocky Creek Road in

Macon, Georgia and notice the beautiful edifice pictured on the right of the this site and see how the new building protrudes the air like a phoenix rising from the ashes. So why does the church continue to stand despite his absence? Pastor Ross has been favored and forgiven.

                                                                    His Ministry

His Ministry at Reaching Souls Cathedral of Praise is most excellent! He has contributed greatly to the socio-economic welfare of the communityh by providing jobs in daycare, lawn care and food service. for youth and adults alike. He has a full tutorial program and insures his congregationh is fed both spiritually and physically. His members love, respect and support him as evidenced by the support they gave him during his trial hearings. Even now, the relationship between Pastor Ross and his members remains one of love and adoration.

                                                                      His Prayer

Though he slay me, yhet will I trust him; but I will maintain mine own ways before him. Job 13:15Pastor Ross and the congregation of Reaching Souls Cathedral of Praise solicity your continued prayers for during this critical time. Please pray for freedom - peace - and forgiveness.



Bank Document #1 Bank Document #2 Bank Document #3 FDIC Document

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